Web agency for your digital strategy

Design and creation of websites adapted to your activity for the implementation of a successful digital strategy. Our agency is in charge of the creation of the showcase site, e-commerce site or any other type of tailor-made site. We have ensured the graphic and ergonomic creation of the Art In Golf website in order to satisfy the expectations of Internet users.






Mobile and web development involves the creation of websites but also web and mobile web applications for companies in order to improve their brand image.

The job of web developer involves the creation of the source code of the users’ web interfaces, the implementation of content management systems, the implementation of data protection systems but also everything concerning web referencing.

An attractive and functional website, like Minigolf-France website, helps to make your company accessible but also to improve your notoriety, also on social networks.

The biggest disadvantage of traditional marketing is the loss of circulation. Digital marketing contributes better to the brand image and allows it to invite itself into the daily life of the consumers exposed to it. The advantage of online marketing is that it is carried out in real time and is personalised.

Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on the creation of rich, high-quality content.

E-mailing campaign

The e-mailing campaign for prospecting, loyalty or information purposes.

Community management

The animation needs of your company’s online communities.

advertising campaigns

Be inspired by the advertising actions carried out in favour of a product.

Winning new customers is a challenge for your company. Always keep in mind that customer relationship management is a specialist’s business.

Setting up a customer acquisition plan can generate considerable turnover. You need to define your target, choose your effective tools, activate marketing levers and set up a commercial marketing collaboration.